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We help poor, exploited and orphaned children.

What We Do

Cebo Siloam Foundation’s scope is to help Orphaned, Poor and Exploited children, including Disabled children, in particular those living in rural and poor & under developed communities. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education and health care, aimed at sustaining their long-term development.

Our Vision

Cebo Siloam Foundation exist to help poor, exploited and Orphaned Children. Cebo Siloam Foundation is a non-sectarian, nonpolitical and not-for-profit organisation that provides crucial support to children who really need it. For Cebo Siloam Foundation, no effort is too big, no need is too small.

Cebo Siloam Foundation was registered as a charity in 2013 with a very specific ethos, to keep costs low, ensuring supporters’ donations go directly to the children who need it, to help children who are forgotten and overlooked, supporting them individually as well as in groups. This ethos remains at the forefront of Cebo Siloam Foundation’s work, enabling it to offer crucial support to those who need it most.

Cebo Siloam Foundation has a vision of a world where children’s rights are realised and they can reach their full potential. Our motivation is the children who need our help. Children are at the centre of everything we do and for us children are put before processes. We strive to work with children, and not just for children.

Our Mission

With this in mind Cebo Siloam Foundation’s mission is:

  • To improve the quality of life and advance the rights of children.
  • To encourage children and families to participate in processes which enhance their equality, self reliance and long-term sustainable development.
  • To provide practical support wherever possible so that children can grow up within their own families and communities.

To fulfil our mission our funds come from a wide range of activities ensuring that we have a good balance of unrestricted and restricted funds. These are raised from within South Africa and worldwide.

We seek to join our efforts with international networks of like minded organisations dedicated to improve the future of the most disadvantaged children.

“This is an ambitious strategy, and yet it is essential if we wish to ensure that children’s rights are realised and that they reach their full potential.”

Our Values

Cebo Siloam Foundation’s core values and principles can be summarised as follows: 

Integrity: We bring the highest ethical standards to all our decisions and actions.

Transparency and Accountability: We are open and honest in everything we do and we strive to optimise the systems in place that make us accountable to all our stakeholders.

Optimism: We focus on the positive difference we can make to children’s lives and celebrate success.

Resourcefulness: We look for innovative ways to minimise our costs and maximise our effectiveness and impact.

Partnership: We work collaboratively with our local partners and country representatives and value their knowledge, priorities and recommendations.

We believe that by joining our efforts with local initiatives we can make a real difference!

How We Work

Cebo Siloam Foundation works mainly but not solely through local partners such as schools, community leaders, etc. We also have a presence on the ground where direct projects are implemented.

In the next three years we will continue to work in this way.

We have a bottom up approach to partnership and we see our partners as equal. Together we strive to improve the lives of children and communities we serve and we are open to learn from each other.

We value quality of service provision and programmes and for this we commit to build and enhance the capacity of our partners, empowering them, collaborating and learning with them to build a sustainable future for the children and the communities we serve.

We use a rigorous approach to selecting partners who share our same ethos, with an active nature of nurturing them.

We respect their capabilities and respond to their needs.

Who We Help

Cebo Siloam Foundation’s beneficiaries:

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Poor, Street and Working Children
  • Disabled and Chronically ill Children
  • Trafficked and Displaced Children
  • Educationally Disenfranchised Children
  • Their Families and Communities

Cebo Siloam Foundation’s thematic areas:

Our work stretches across the following sectors:

  • Public Health
  • Education and Vocational Training
  • Livelihood
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  • Service delivery and capital support (building schools, academies, clinics)
  • Protection from abuse

What We Plan To Do

In the next three years we aim to scale up the number of children we reach to 100,000 children a year.

In the next 3 Years

We'll reach a 100K children p/year.

We commit to provide them with quality services, offer protection and help them to meet their basic needs. Through a holistic approach we aim to empower the communities where our targeted children live, so that they can become self-reliant and can sustainably take care of their entire families.

Our Call To You

This is an ambitious strategy, and yet it is essential if we wish to ensure that children’s rights are realised and that they reach their full potential.

We ask that you support this and help us to achieve our vision.

This is not the end, but the beginning. We recognise that Cebo Siloam Foundation relies on the extraordinary commitment of its staff, volunteers, donors and supporters both in South Africa and around the world.

We could not do what we do without you.

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